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JP Euro now offers dyno testing. A dynamometer is a measuring tool to help optimize engine combinations and find small problems before they turn into catastrophic failures. And they’re not just for racers. Everyday enthusiasts can tune their engine for better drivability, fuel economy and power.

Dyno testing is currently offered at $150 and includes three pulls. 

The Dynocom AWD 5000-FX (all-wheel-drive capable)

The AWD-5000-FX series dyno is the world’s most affordable mechanically linked AWD chassis dynamometer system. The front portion of the AWD unit is a 2WD 5000 Series unit and is linked with a massive Gates Poly Chain® GT3® belt to a rear bed of 6 linked rollers with 36″-86″ Inch track width.

The AWD 5000-FX dynamometer is capable of supporting speeds up to 175+ MPH and 2000+ HP. The maximum axle weight is 6,500 lbs and the track width range is 36″-86″.

The AWD 5000-FX was designed for a variety of different testing scenarios – FWD/RWD Cars, Sport Compacts, Motorcycles and ATV’s. It is equipped with a Frenelsa eddy brake and you are able to perform acceleration, step, sweep, and steady-state tests.

View in real-time 

torque/horsepower output, at steady and changing speeds, to instantly evaluate changes you’ve made to the engine’s fuel or timing maps.

 Diagnose engine and drivetrain problems.

 Troubleshoot drivability issues.

 Run track ¼ mile or circle track lap simulations with reaction times that you determine in the software parameters.

The AWD-5000-FX can be operated in AWD Mode while testing two-wheel drive vehicles. This process allows the non-driven axle to be spun by the dynamometer rollers at the same speed as the driven axle, eliminating the speed differential that occurs on two-wheel-drive dynamometers and ensures the safety of the vehicle’s differential.


TORQUE: 5000 ft-lbs

MAX SPEED: 175 MPH (155 linked)

Terms and Conditions of using our Dyno

  1. The customer is aware that the dynamometer is designed to apply similar loading to the vehicle, as it will see during operation on the road/track and is susceptible to the same risks as on the road/track.
  1. All tests are performed at maximum performance and at wide-open throttle.
  1. The customer knows and accepts the potential risk of running their vehicle on the dynamometer, which includes but is not limited to engine failure, power train failure, and suspension and tire failure.
  1. The customer knows the condition of their vehicle and assures it is in acceptable condition to run on the dynamometer; JP Euro does not know, nor assumes any such knowledge of the condition of the vehicle being tested.
  1. The customer commits that all parts of the vehicle are in good condition and are capable of full power and full-throttle performance during any test performed.
  1. JP Euro is not responsible for any damage to the vehicle or owner during or after any part of the dynamometer testing process, inclusive of any loss in past, current, or future revenue.
  1. The customer will hold harmless JP Euro, its employees, associates, and shareholders free from all liability for any damage that may occur during the dynamometer testing process.
  1. The customer has all the proper insurance required to test the vehicle.