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Our McLaren Repair and Body Shop Services

Our McLaren Repair and Body Shop Services

If you’re lucky enough to own a McLaren, then you will appreciate how truly amazing these models of modern engineering are. McLarens look, sound and handle beautifully, and are a dream to have both on the road and in your driveway. The challenge is keeping them ‘factory new’.

At JP Euro, that’s exactly what we do. Founded in 2003, our team of factory-trained engineers are here to help you look after your McLaren, and we offer a huge selection of repairs and tune-up services at below-dealership prices.

Top Quality Repairs and Tune Ups

McLaren are a make that is known for reliability. Problems are rare, and are usually little more than the odd warning light here and there. Indeed, one of the more recent complaints from McLaren owners has been about door latches being a little fragile. Given other makes are plagued with clutch and transmission issues, it’s fair to say that McLaren ownership is a breeze by comparison.

You can make your car even more reliable with regular tune-up services, oil changes, and paying attention to the little things such as the spark plugs. Our services are affordable and will cover all those basics for you.

Economical Repairs When Things Go Wrong

The bodywork on McLarens is something to behold. If you are in a crash or someone scrapes your car then we can offer auto paint jobs and replacement parts at our body shop and repair center. Wherever possible we will repair (for example removing dents and repainting with perfectly matched paint for you), rather than replace parts, keeping the overall repair cost as low as possible.

We also offer brake maintenance, fuel injection system and exhaust system repairs. When things go wrong with the exhaust this can be tricky to diagnose and fix, depending on the location of the fault. If you notice issues with your exhaust we strongly recommend that you seek advice as soon as possible, especially if you notice smoke or unusual smells in the car itself, since this can be incredibly dangerous.

Our repair and maintenance services can save McLaren owners a lot of money on dealership prices and ensure that your car is safe on the road, runs at the best fuel economy, remains reliable even in the winter, and handles well. Staying on top of the basics such as the brakes, spark plugs, filters, and oil is something that every motorist should do but that is even more important when you have a luxury car.

We are one of the only luxury car specialists in the area with the expertise to perform repairs and replacements on a wide range of European motors. Our depth and breadth of experience speaks for itself in the work that we do and the number of loyal regular clients we have.

Call us today to book a service for your car, or to get a quote for body work and other repairs. We are confident that you will agree that we offer some of the best deals in the area.