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Our 10 Step Vehicle Repair Process

Getting into an accident is an overwhelming experience. Let us help you. Our 10 step auto body repair guide will help you through what to expect from start to finish. We make it easy and take care of the dealing with the insurance adjusters so that you don’t have to. If your paying out of pocket for the repairs, we can guide you through the process and get it fixed the way you want.

The first thing we need to do is document the whole vehicle and any related damage and repair that are needed.  Photos of the vehicle will be taken by either us or the insurance adjuster for the repair claim.  Most of the time a lot of the damage is hidden away by exterior body parts such as the bumpers, fenders, hood, trunk or wherever the damage may be.  The initial estimate may not include those costs until the next step for the teardown so that any underlying damage can be noted for repair.

This is where the real work begins.  The teardown comprises of taking off all related parts that have been damaged or that is necessary to look further onto the underlying structure of the car for any additional repairs that may be necessary.  If there is more needed work, we will inform you and/or the insurance adjuster for authorization for the repairs.

Once we have a completed estimate of repairs and authorization from the owner of the vehicle to begin work is to start sourcing the parts for the vehicle.  It takes a few days for all the parts to arrive.  In the meantime we can begin on the next step.

This is the stuff that you can’t see underneath all the body paneling.  If there was any structural damage to the frame, it is put onto our automotive frame machine to straighten the vehicle back to its factory specifications.  We used computerized measurements to align it as accurately as possible.

The best time to fix the mechanical parts of the vehicle is with all the panels off so that they are easily accessed.  Any necessary engine work is done at this point.

The body work involves repair to all the things you can see such as the bumpers, fenders, doors, trunk and hood areas.  Body work repair consist of fixing any dents, scraps, or cuts that affected the metal as well as test all new parts onto the vehicle to make sure that align and fit properly.

The vehicle is prepped for painting.  We use the best paints and primers to get you the highest quality finish as close to original as possible.  This is done in our top of the line paint booth to reduce possible contaminates such as dirt specks landing on your new finish.

This is where everything all comes back together.  The body parts are reassembled back onto the car and all nuts, bolts, clips and screws are put back on and tightened.

With all the work that the vehicle has been through, a thorough detail of the vehicle is necessary.  The vehicle is washed on the exterior and the interior is cleaned up and ready for final inspection.

We strive to take the guesswork out of Automotive repair.  Let us help you!