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Exhaust System Repairs for Luxury Vehicles

When you invest in a luxury auto such as a Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini or Range Rover, you’re making a purchase that makes a statement. Such cars are your pride and joy and it makes sense to take good care of them. 

Damage to your exhaust system can be devastating. Often, if you take your car to a general garage, you will find that they want to replace the exhaust, and that can be a hugely expensive job. Why spend a fortune if it’s not necessary?

Factory Trained Repair Experts

At JP Euro we have a team of factory-trained repair experts that are fully qualified to conduct extensive exhaust system repairs on luxury vehicles. From Bentley repairs to the restoration of Jaguar and McLaren autos, our team can do it all.

Replacing the exhaust on a Maserati can easily cost over $1,500 for the part alone, depending on the model.  While it’s not always possible to repair an exhaust, in many cases you can do so and it could save a lot of money.

Keep Those Original Parts

If you’ve got a classic Mini or Mercedez then it having ‘all original’ parts could be a point of pride for you. Our repair work can help you to keep your ‘fully classic’ car, which could improve the resale value should you ever decide to part with it.

Save Money and Maintain Your Car

We appreciate that the cost of repair at dealership prices can be prohibitive. Why pay more than you have to when you’ve already invested heavily in your BMW, Landrover or other vehicles? Even a basic Audi service can cost hundreds of dollars, but a lot of that expense is just dealership fees?

Let us service your vehicle and repair exhaust problems before they become serious. If you’re hearing a rattle or grinding noise coming from your exhaust, or it looks like the exhaust isn’t as clean as it should be, give us a call. We would be happy to take a look at the exhaust and diagnose any issues. 

The Exhaust is a Crucial Part of Your Car

Exhausts are tricky to work with, and repair costs can be confusing. Holes in some areas are simple to patch up, but holes or breaks in other areas can be catastrophic and require a lot of time and expense to repair.

We take pride in being transparent and honest and offering clear and simple advice about the cost of repairs. Whether you have unusual smoke coming from your exhaust (a sign of cracked cylinder heads or damaged fuel injectors/air filters, in some cases), or you have a leak somewhere on the exhaust, we will be able to offer you advice.

Do not ignore cracks or damage to your exhaust. Exhaust fumes can be toxic and present danger to you and your passengers or mean that your car is venting toxic fumes into the atmosphere. Act quickly and get your exhaust system repaired at affordable prices before the problem becomes a serious one.